The holidays are a hectic time of year when many people travel to visit loved ones. Before you pack your bags, it’s important that you take some steps towards keeping your home safe during the holidays.

Never Post Travel Plans Online

Everyone wants to share their holiday travel plans with their social media following, but that is not the best idea. Some criminals are skilled at scouring the internet for information about vacant homes in their area. Refrain from sharing photos or details about your holiday travels until you are back home.

Ask a Trusted Neighbor For Help With Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Before you leave for the holidays, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home. If they see any suspicious activity, have them notify you. Parking a car in your driveway, bringing the trash bin to and from the curb on trash day, and picking up mail and newspapers are other things they can do to make your home appear to be occupied.

Don’t Display Tempting Items

Displaying your beautifully decorated tree and gifts is something everyone wants to do. Unfortunately, it’s also a great way to show burglars that many new and probably expensive items are all in one place, conveniently packaged for them to steal.

If possible, don’t display your tree in the window. Also, wait until Christmas Eve to put your gifts under the tree. If you head out of town for New Year’s, don’t leave the box for expensive items like a new TV or laptop visible in your recycling bin.

Use Technology

There are a number of modern devices available for keeping your home safe during the holidays. Smart home systems, security cameras, and light timers are just some examples of effective tools for monitoring your home remotely and making it appear occupied. Installing all three of these options will provide protection for your home and give you confidence in your home security measures.

With a little planning, not only can you keep your home safe, but you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. Happy holidays from CV Inspections!